Kumarie Singh - Executive Producer - CEO

Kumarie Singh has spent the last thirteen years in the entertainment and business industries gaining a reputation as a meticulous, determined and an enthusiastic business woman driven by passion and perseverance. She has used her extensive experiences in the South Asian and USA film industries to create her own production company, K Singh Film Productions in Toronto, Canada. She has worked hard to assemble a professional and diverse team of creatives and trailblazers for her Production Teams in Australia, Dubai, India, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. She collaborates with business and industry experts, and mentors’ new producers and creatives; all while pursuing her own projects. Kumarie is focused, humble, and team oriented.

In 2012 Kumarie worked on her first sizzle, WALKAWAY which can be viewed on her website. In 2019 her first short film, The Gift! received an Excellence of Cinema Award at the 8th Mumbai Shorts Film Festival. The thought-provoking film can be viewed on Amazon USA and UK. She partnered with Magic Sphere Films in Australia to produce The Monk in 2022. Kumarie identifies and supports new ground breaking talent to help produce their first independent short film In MAYHEM 2022 and in collaboration as an Associate Producer with the movie THE PERFORMANCE 2023 by director Stephen Wallis, which will be releasing worldwide . Her current in-house projects include CRYSTAL’S CHOICE, a romantic drama set to premiere in the fall of 2024 and will be her first feature to be released over the Christmas Holidays. Kumarie is currently developing a feature film close to her heart, a supernatural horror/thriller called Possession of the Twins. Possession of the Twins revolutionizes the genre with a unique twist that springs from diverse roots. To direct the film, we have secured, Karl Jason, with worldwide experience who will deliver the tale of an immigrant family unable to shed their other worldly connection to the old country. Kumarie, a highly action-drama feature film, Night School The Movie, is a well thought out script with great potential.

Kumarie Singh is a strong and creative woman, a combination that makes her a talented individual in the film industry. She is also loyal and daring, which makes her an ally to young writers, directors and always uses her motto to see them through.


Karl Jason - Director

Karl Jason, a culturally conscious individual with a background from South American, USA and Canada has signed on to direct the film. He is an extremely talented director with the perfect skill set for this project. Karl has helmed features and docudramas and brings a unique blend of realism and cultural mysticism to “Possession of the Twins”. He has worked on diverse projects including Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Cold Blood the series and Fancy Dancing, a musical with Jason Priestly and July 2020 Karl completed a feature called “Santa Squad


Jimi Ayo -Production/LP- Producer

Before joining the film industry, Jimi was a legal practitioner and spent several years in the corporate world, developing business contracts, negotiating agreements, and creating contents, marketing campaigns for target audience. His experience ranges from Producing, talent facilitation, to creative strategy development, spanning many creative projects including music videos, commercials on the FIFA world cup games team and Corus entertainment (Global TV). He is a dedicated Filmmaker, Writer, Producer and Marketing enthusiast who brings logistical life to any project he’s involved with.


Christopher Fernandes - Co-Producer/Production

Christopher Fernandes is a cinematographer and producer born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. With a business mindset as his foundation along with a passion for art and film he is able to excel as a visual story teller. Christopher prides himself on being a leader and collaborating with his production team to create cinematic master gold. Working with a wide range of cameras, various lights, and crew encompasses what he loves to do and experience. His work crosses genres, and spans corporate, commercial, documentary, dramatic narrative and science fiction. Christopher is the founder of Fractured Frames – Crash & Fern Productions, a micro media production company that is the hub for all his creative works.


Allison Koopman - Story Editor & Consultant

Allison Koopman recently graduated from York University’s Film and Screenwriting MFA program with honours. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Film and English at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is also a story editor and consultant. Her personal work is interested in issues of intersectional feminism, heavily leaning into depictions of LGBTQ2s+ characters on screen. She loves all genres, but has a soft spot for horror. .