Cinema binds people together – people from diverse languages, cultures and religions. With today's technological advances, it has become a pan-global phenomenon. Film-makers can no more decide their audiences, as cinema has started reaching out to newer destinations at an unbelievable pace.

International cinema has become a much-appreciated venture as it brings together the best of talents from all over the world, on one stage. The top-grossers of the past have proven that a cultural-mix is a visual treat for the audiences' eyes.

Having spent a portion of her career working closely in and around the entertainment business in India, K Singh Film’s Film Productions, Inc.’s President Kumarie Singh decided to dedicate her time and abilities to producing content that would stand out from the rest of the industry. Striving to create original films that carried cross-cultural qualities and values to North America, and world wide, Kumarie set out to bring together a Production team that held the same creative goals.

As K Singh Film Productions Inc. looks to bring the script, Crystal's Choice., Night School The Movie and Possession of the Twins. into Pre-Production, the Production Company continues to work in bringing out Crystal's Choice, Possession of the Twins in year 2024 -2025. Possession of the Twins inspired by a true story providing a across cultural experiences that takes two different worlds and blends them into one.

Embodying everything that Kumarie wished for as she set out as a Producer, the script Night School The Movie is a powerful action drama that not only breaks away from the stereotypical blockbuster movie, but also blends the culture that comes from a vibrant, high-energized Crossover film into that of a North American cinematic masterpiece Night School The Movie has moved beyond the stages of being just a script, but a fully realized film that only needs to be created.